The hybrid work culture

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This week i have been trying to really work from anywhere to reality. My son has speech and language delay( first time talking about it anywhere). To get him admitted to a school has been a challenging exercise. With schools preaching diversity and inclusion, it was truly an eye opener to see the ugly bias rearing its head. One of the other parent with similar issues suggested a school which her son goes to. Now, that like slightly far from my place. As everyone knows actual school after 2 years on virtual school is a challenge. You need to be near school, lest they call in case of issues first few days.

I had to figure out a way to stay close and as well be productive, not waste my time loitering around like other parents. Thankfully my work is quite flexible and gives the freedom of choice to work and just work. I found a great CCD with desk( yes really proper desks). So, i go there and work from there as there is nobody around at that time. It was amazing to be out of house and work somewhere where you don’t have to make your own coffee.

I had to be careful to not really waste time , as its easy to get into dream land. If anyone plans to do that, have a good headphone for attending meetings. But avoid having critical meetings during that time. Also, have a clear task lists on what you want to achieve during that time. In my case, i had some documentation work which i tried completing during this time. Overall it was refreshing and almost felt like being back to office. Though once kid is settled , these will end. But , it been an interesting week. And today i have taken off to just write from CCD and recharge my mental batteries.



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