The great realization of life

While everyone is busy talking about the great resignation , some are talking about the great realization of life. Pandemic has made everyone reflect on life , health , wealth, retirement, quality of life , goals and zillion other things. We have more empathy and looking for living life and stopped thinking too far ahead. The pandemic is a constant cold, stark reminder that life is fleeting. We’re not invulnerable. Good people get sick and die. This brutal recognition could be both saddening and invigorating. People could either throw their hands up in despair or take action to improve the quality of their lives.

It’s a collective “Great Realization” that we can no longer mindlessly fritter away our time, and need to critically evaluate what will make us happy. We are seeing people take action. The “Great Resignation” movement, in part, is a backlash against bad bosses and companies that make workers feel miserable and unhappy. Similarly, the great realization is about getting out of the rut and doing things now than versus when we retire. The goals which were post retirement are now being done now as life is fragile and we want to live every moment. Personally, i felt this few months into the pandemic and later when we got caught in wave2 and were hospitalized. While we know life is precious, we do need constant reminder.

We all have picked up new hobbies, let bygones be bygones. Become more flexible and chilled out . We are less focused on job titles, but more on the time we get to ourselves and the stress which is reduced. We are seeing a wave of early retirees and a wave of passive income or income from your hobbies. Its an amazing time to be living, despite the pandemic. The example of that is Linkedin, from stiff technical posts to people sharing personal stories. The sharing of pain and success, the help people provide to each other is amazing to see.



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