Life choices we make

Rachana Gupta
1 min readFeb 6, 2023

Life is full of choices we must make,
Some are easy, some are hard to take.
But when it comes to making the right call,
We must listen to our hearts and stand tall.

Hard choices come in many forms,
From choosing between love and wealth, to storms.
They can leave us feeling lost and confused,
Making us question what we truly choose.

But when faced with a decision so great,
We must focus on what’s on our plate.
And weigh the options with an open mind,
Leaving fear and doubt far behind.

For the choices we make, shape our fate,
And the paths we choose, determine our way.
So let us be strong and brave, and rise,
For the hard choices we make, lead us to our prize.

So let us embrace the challenges ahead,
And make the right choices, before we go to bed.
For the choices we make, mold us into who we are,
And we’ll be proud of our decisions, no matter how they ae.