It could have been worse!

Typical mumbo jumbo in everyday life makes you trivialize your problems . You are asked to look at worse situation than you are in, and validate that you are fine. The typical Indian “it could have been worse” is something we face oftentimes. Here we are sharing our problems and then instead of a sympathetic ear , we often get a crash course on grateful life, atleast you have this, think of people who go hungry and blah blah.

I see a increasing trend where anxiety ,stress get a similar responses. It could be due to an increasing awareness of all things mental health or could be due to a flood of social media gurus who always preach to look at the positive side, be cool , be this and that. Though its not bad, as increased awareness means its no longer a stigma. But, does it really help?

Many a times just listening and venting out is better than getting into the psychology of positivism. Then there is other side of openness which social media brings on. The anonymous venting you see on various platforms. There is also openness about how people overcame the adversities. Sometimes i wonder if “it could have been worse” is pessimism or optimism. It is for you to decide. From an aspect of thinking of worse situation we are being pessimistic, but however it might invoke positivity to some.

Lovely kid story,

Technology geek 🤓 who still reads

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