Has pandemic made us more empathetic?

Empathy much?

Because the pandemic has been a collective ordeal, we’re all aware of the various effects it’s had on people everywhere. For many of us this has translated into developing more compassion for others and ourselves. Even decisions are based on how we balance life vs money now. I know of colleagues who took pay cut and switched to lower paid less pressure jobs. I now think and am more aware of environment . So, no more bottled water , self carried water it is. There is social media frenzy with give.com, milaap etc where i see people asking for huge money for medical expenses and able to achieve that.

Work places are emphasizing on mental health, giving more health benefits and overall there is more understanding that humans have limits. Some cultural norms may have changed for the better, leaving room for compassion to linger. For instance, in the corporate world, it’s become more common to actually take an employee’s mental health seriously. We may be cutting people slack for taking longer than usual to return our calls, or lessening expectations for them to perform at their best because, well, we have just overcome the pandemic.

Once again, we’re in the middle of a sea change in not only how we physically conduct work, but how we treat each other while we do it. We’re becoming more empathetic — not just because we need to, but because it feels right. You may not have noticed, but people have been spending a lot of time inside lately — both literally in their homes and figuratively in their heads. With COVID-19, many of the distractions and activities that helped create a sense of structured normalcy in our lives are gone, leaving only time for introspection and anxiety.

Basically, surviving this almost-apocalyptic global event together has led us to resonate with the experiences of others without dismissing their struggles by saying, “You have a good job, you have a good family — what’s there to be upset about?” . The pandemic taught us that “people can feel low, without having a very specific reason for it”.



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