Hacks to save time and energy

rachana gupta
2 min readAug 3, 2022

Digital minimalization:

I have disabled all notifications from all apps on my mobile from sometime. But i had all OTT apps on mobile, Facebook on browser, Reddit , Quora etc etc. I found myself often reading utter crap on Quora out of sheer habit(lately its not good content or algorithm throws odd questions at me) . Its a rabbit hole we know leads nowhere but we still keep going down that. I did something which was very hard for me. I disabled my Facebook account , i have done this many a times, but hoping this is permanent now. I uninstalled Quora, prime, Netflix, zee, Twitter from mobile. Then comes the food ordering apps, except one I uninstalled all of them. I did uninstall Linkedin , but out of sheer habit I reinstalled it. I suddenly found myself with time in hand and read something. A digital detox can be just a matter of uninstalling apps from mobile. You can still use these on a laptop when needed.

Outsource :

I have come to value time over money . This wisdom only comes as you age. I have outsourced things which save me time. Going grocery shopping is not my idea of fun. I know of families who do this as monthly ritual of shopping and waste an entire day. I rather get it delivered at home with major discounts. Why do we need to waste an entire day to just buy groceries? Try to find time saving habits which might cost some money, but trust me time is more valuable than money.

Secondary skill in life:

Always have a secondary skill in life. It could be radically different than your day job or could align in same space. Ensure that these skills are something you master overtime. If possible have a side hustle on this at some point. This is a piece of advice i got from my mentor 10 years ago and it took me years after that to identify mine. I am yet to achieve mastery over it, but atleast its something.

Passive source of income:

This is a complicated one, unless you have come across a substantial inheritance not very easy contrary to all the passive income literature. It does take a while to even get there. But the world is your oyster with so much opportunities. Open your mind to it and see the possibilities. This is needed in todays fast faced inflation driven economy.



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